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Secure Your Digital Assets NOW

By far the most difficult and daunting part of crypto is security and custody. So now you own some Bitcoin, Ethereum and NFTs, what do you do next, keep them on the exchange? Maybe that's the best solution, maybe not. At we assist clients in making the right choice; whether that be custodial solutions, like Coinbase or Gemini, hot wallet solutions such an Exodus Wallet or MetaMask, or cold storage devices such as Ledger or Trezor. The choice is not always easy, many times there is a tremendous amount of money on the line. We're here to walk you through these options and ensure your crypto is safe.

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On-chain Analytics

Understanding the Blockchian

Reading the blockchain on each network is like reading a foreign language. Our analysts can track transactions as far back the the Genesis Block of each network. Wondering where that bitcoin went? We can find it. Wondering about that smart contract on the Ethereum network? We can audit it. DeFi, NFTs, Multi-sig, whatever the case may be, our analysts can navigate the blockchain at a level only crypto natives can understand. We live and breathe blockchain technology.

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24/7 Access

Sleep Well Knowing Your Assets Are Secure

We will work together to come up with the most practical security solutions for your digital assets. Nothing is cookie cutter in crypto, everything is dynamic and things move fast. The first step is sitting down with us to discuss your questions and potential threat level. Once a client, you can reach out to us even at 3:00 am if you're having an issue regarding security, hacks, miniting, rug pulls, anything.

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